Not Feeling Like Myself Today

personal development Jul 09, 2019
How you ever wondered where the phrases such as "that is so unlike her" or "this is totally out of character for her" or even "I am not myself today" come from?
These are very precise and accurate statements pointing to the occurrence of when we are drifting into a past way of feeling or being. When something in the outer world happens we instantaneously match it to a previous experience to give us the meaning (feeling representation) of what we are currently experiencing.
This is wonderful when we are getting ready to eat our favorite food and the familiar wonderful feelings from past experiences flood the body around similar experiences (your grandmother's amazing cookies for example) making your mouth water and you smile at the fond memory.
Where this becomes a problem for many of us is when we find ourselves in circumstances where what our brain is comparing is the more challenging parts of our history with what is currently going on. Perhaps...
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Personal Alchemy

personal development Jul 05, 2019

Isn’t it ironic that we have more solutions for depression, more books on financial planning, more leaders in the positive thinking movement, and more health solutions than ever before and yet, despite all that, our problems not only persist, they are expanding! I have spent half a lifetime trying to figure out the secret to happiness, looked to uncover the hidden solution that would transform my life into all I ever could have imagined it to be, but still seemed to come up short. I had health in many respects, but my quest for what I thought was healthy (image) only served to burn me out. I read endless books on personal development, psychology, and philosophy and had answers for the world, but none that seemed to unlock the key that would enrich my life the way I had hoped. I sought my happiness in the eyes of others and had not taken the time to ask of myself what happiness meant to me. So now standing at the precipice of my life I realize that I have been given a gift, and...

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Focus on What you Want, not What you don't Want.

Focus on What you Want ~ Not What you don't Want.
A common piece of advice that's been around for a very long time, you could almost call it "sage advice". Despite it's staying power of an idea, do we really know what it means or entails? There are many philosophical ways of explaining this rule, one being a spiritual meaning.
The spiritual meaning is the idea of truly transmuting energy that surrounds us, universal will perhaps, and with our focused envisioning of what we want, we can make this pop up into your reality. Can't say I understand it or how it truly works, but what I do know for sure, it can't hurt to try.
Then there is the more left brain meaning, and there is room for both at the table. So we would start with the same intent, focusing our mind on an objective so we can see it in our mind's eye, and maybe we have pictures or written goals. The repetition of this imagining creates a neural net, a body of synapses in our brain that now...
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