The Other Side of the Coin

#personal development Sep 09, 2019

An interesting idea came to me this morning as I read the book “The Big Leap”. The author spoke of anxiety showing up on the heels of a good or positive event or thought and he wanted to explore why that was. What he had realized that he had an “upper limit” to what his unconscious psychology would allow him to believe.

 So when things were going good there was an emotional thermostat that was triggered and sent him messages that he was in an area of belief that conflicted the hidden messages in his unconscious mind.  

 Part of the trick was to quickly realize what was happening and to look underneath the surface of that negative emotion and to see what positive emotion was trying to come through.

 Next, check in to see where the emerging positive emotion is showing up in your body, and settle into that new feeling for a few minutes.

 As that good feeling emerges pay attention to the story that comes with it, and allow yourself...

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