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If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried numerous self-help books on combatting depression, stress, low-self-esteem, spiritual healing, relationships, and finances. Maybe they worked for a month or two or three then stopped being effective. Or they were useless. Short term solutions tend to be useless. Long term ones don’t.


Set yourself free!

Do you find yourself in trapped in life,  knowing you could do better but just cannot seem to  get yourself to do better? How would you like to learn how remove that hollow feeling of being trapped and hopeless in the gap between where you are now and where you want to be?

"I returned home from David Gilks I am weekend retreat this weekend and all I can say is "wow!". Lives were transformed right before my eyes. Words can't even express how I feel. This is transformational. Much love. Xo"

- C Barr

"You know I've had vision boards and wondered why isn't this working!! Working with David this weekend at the I AM retreat is incredible! Reprogramming my brain so I have the right plan to work from! Life changing! Thank you David"

– S Ulveteg Jein

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The I AM Project is not just another self-help course that will tell you WHAT to do with your life, it is not a magical short-term solution. We are going to help you go deep (really deep) until we find the beautiful you at our core, and then build a world of amazing possibilities around that! The I AM Project is a long-term invitation to true balance and happiness.



The I AM Project  Life Transformation Program

Designed for One Purpose, to Clear the Obstacles Out of our Subconscious Mind!

...It's time for you to stop just taking self-improvement courses and reading self-help books and start actually applying what you have learned.

...It´s time for you to start living your ideal life. The time has come to meet the version of you that you´ve seen so many times in your imagination at the finishing line of your goals.

...We can teach you how to unleash the power of your subconscious and reach your objectives by being centered and solving rather than escaping and hiding.

Welcome to the life you always dreamed of, it’s here to stay!



The I AM Project Retreats

Every year we offer live, intensive training for those who are looking to make powerful changes in their life and how to use the I AM Project to go even deeper than before. Gain hands on coaching from David on how to use the practical science of NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and the I AM Intuition Board to make instant, powerful emotional and mental shifts. The only true change is the one that comes from within and the I AM Project is exactly that.  Are you ready to be your best version yet?

Welcome to the life you always dreamed of, it’s here to stay!

*Space is limited to 26 people so make sure to reserve your spot quickly!


The I AM Project Executive Coaching

Part of the challenge that we run into as leaders is that over time, mental and emotional wear and tear can reduce our effectiveness, resulting in a loss of trust in our own decision making process. There is often a collision of health, personal, and professional concerns that seem to show up simultaneously, making it hard to navigate and make sound decisions.  With the I AM Project Systems, We can help you quickly navigate through the temporary blocks that you come up against and find resolutions that will not only benefit your business, but every aspect of your day to day life.

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The I AM Project Clinical Certification

Stand out from the rest

As an active agent with a strong commitment to help others live a better life, being up to date with the latest advancements in thought leadership in the world is a definitive must. The I AM Project is about to become your best ally in improving the life of your clients and securing your reputation as a powerful change agent.

Not a short-term miracle

The I AM Project is not another one of those empty courses with nothing but theory and zero practical tools to put into action, the patented system created by David Gilks (like the I AM Intuition board), is a simple and powerful tool that create concrete and immediate tangible lasting results. The idea comes from realizing how difficult it is for most people to put their truth into words and helping them express their truth in different ways. If your clients did not have to use words to express their truth, how honest could they then be?

With the help of these tried-and-true innovative methods provided in the program, what was once an obstacle for your clients can turn into a life changing event for them and the ultimate advantage for you as a professional.

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David Gilks, 53, is a well-respected mindset coach, poet, successful entrepreneur, awarded competitive natural bodybuilder, chartered herbalist and MEDP (medical exercise program director). He holds advanced training in Neurolinguistics and is the founder of the I AM Project. For more than two decades, he has taught clients from numerous backgrounds all over the world how to gain true mastery in all aspects of their life.


Ready for a new start?

Start your journey with The IAM Project Workshop


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