Not Feeling Like Myself Today

personal development Jul 09, 2019
How you ever wondered where the phrases such as "that is so unlike her" or "this is totally out of character for her" or even "I am not myself today" come from?
These are very precise and accurate statements pointing to the occurrence of when we are drifting into a past way of feeling or being. When something in the outer world happens we instantaneously match it to a previous experience to give us the meaning (feeling representation) of what we are currently experiencing.
This is wonderful when we are getting ready to eat our favorite food and the familiar wonderful feelings from past experiences flood the body around similar experiences (your grandmother's amazing cookies for example) making your mouth water and you smile at the fond memory.
Where this becomes a problem for many of us is when we find ourselves in circumstances where what our brain is comparing is the more challenging parts of our history with what is currently going on. Perhaps it's trying to date again after a divorce but your brain lets you remember pain and betrayal so you avoid dating or maybe you are buying a gym membership but your brain remembers being teased as a child for being overweight so you don't have the courage to even enter the gym.
What we don't realize is that the emotions that are being brought forward in our mind/body are of the level of maturity we were at when the events transpired! If your divorce 10 years ago yet you feel incredible anxiety when you think about dating or getting into a serious relationship again, you are reliving the emotions from 10 years ago. Even though you may have done lots of personal development in between, unless you can rewrite that part of your history, your brain will simply access it again and again, because that is what our brains do. So when you say "I am not myself today" you are right, you are becoming the historical version of you!
Maybe you have really stepped it up in your control over your lifestyle, start losing weight and then you find yourself experiencing the familiar feelings of anxiety and you stop what was working as you become overwhelmed with the emotions of the child in your memories. So when you feel "not myself" you are right!! You are reliving the emotions of a child!  This memory retrieval and comparison happens somewhere between 40 to 60 thousand times a day!!
What is so incredible is that we now have amazing tools that allow you to address these "ghost of the past" without having to relive the experiences. How would it feel to "be yourself" for the rest of your life?
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