Falling Short of the Mark

spirituality Apr 09, 2020
With so much more time on our hands, I am sure that some of us may come up against ourselves, the parts of us we may have shelved with our previous busy lives. A philosopher and psychologist, Carl Jung, coined the phrase "the shadow self" which is the unconscious 90% who we are. This constant intrusion of our "subconscious workings" can often make us feel like there is something fundamentally wrong with us, that we are always falling short of the mark.
Carl Jung expanded on the idea from Sigmund Freud, who first start to explore the powerful undercurrent of our subconscious mind and how it has the ability to drown us in a sea of confusion. Our entire life history, the influences of others, our own thoughts and emotions, our false beliefs, is all a part of the subconscious undercurrent.
During that time in history, there was also a seeming rise in what was called "hysteria" (out of control emotionally charged behavior) which Freud who proposed...
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It's our thoughts that count

Uncategorized Jan 30, 2020

One of the things that I became fascinated by is the world of "epigenetics (which means "above genetics") mainly as it suggests that we are not victims of our heritage if that being sickly, overweight for example. We do have the ability to "turn on and turn off" genes in our body through lifestyle modifications which can help us stave off many health risks that have been a part of our family's history.

I have recently enrolled in several new courses, one on medical neuroscience and the most recent one on Ho'oponopono, which is a traditional Hawaiian healing method. The main premise of the healing method is that almost all of our problems that we encounter are because of how we "hold the memory" of things in our minds.

For example...

My unspoken judgment of somebody with weight issues helps keep them trapped in that issue

My unspoken judgment of somebody with an addiction issue helps keep them trapped in that addiction.

My upspoken judgment of somebody's homeless condition helps...

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Do we really want the truth??

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2019

I got up early this morning at 5:00 am to start my day with a series of rituals like meditation, reading, and prayer. This ritual, in theory, is supposed to help me start my day and align my intentions with that of the divine, or so goes the theory. What it does do for me in the conscious realm is to get to me to think about life in a very particular way, more contemplative and curious about possibility and also to shine a light on where I am hiding from the truth.

This morning I was reading a chapter in “Anatomy of the Spirit”, written by Carolyn Myss, and a sentence leapt out at me that asked the very uncomfortable question “are you hiding inside your practices”?  The actual statement was “I want guidance, but don’t give me any bad news”, and what she was referring to was the tendency of using practices like exercise, meditation or prayer as a tool to reduce the burden of stress we may be feeling…but never to really want to...

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Embracing the Personal Development Journey with David Gilks

Uncategorized Oct 02, 2019

Today on the show we're talking with David Gilks about the journey of personal development. This episode is really a plea to do something with your personal development learning. We've taken all sorts of courses and listened to our mentors tell us over and over what we need to do but nothing happens if we do nothing. David is also a fitness coach and brings that sensibility to his I Am Project and his upcoming TedX talk. David is a great guest and deserves all of your attention!



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Connecting the Brain and Body for Optimal Fitness

Though I discuss topics that mainly are about our mental and emotional health, the common denominator in our search for "betterment" whether it be emotional or physical is our brain.  

One of the biggest missing parts in our quest for better muscular definition and strength is the connection to our nervous system. We often focus all of our efforts on "toning muscle" when we really should be training the brain which controls the shape and tone of our muscles (and everything else)

I enjoyed talking to the GymWits crew about this topic on their Podcast.

Listen here https://open.spotify.com/episode/53LHcm2cvjNrEpFM482UBa

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The Other Side of the Coin

#personal development Sep 09, 2019

An interesting idea came to me this morning as I read the book “The Big Leap”. The author spoke of anxiety showing up on the heels of a good or positive event or thought and he wanted to explore why that was. What he had realized that he had an “upper limit” to what his unconscious psychology would allow him to believe.

 So when things were going good there was an emotional thermostat that was triggered and sent him messages that he was in an area of belief that conflicted the hidden messages in his unconscious mind.  

 Part of the trick was to quickly realize what was happening and to look underneath the surface of that negative emotion and to see what positive emotion was trying to come through.

 Next, check in to see where the emerging positive emotion is showing up in your body, and settle into that new feeling for a few minutes.

 As that good feeling emerges pay attention to the story that comes with it, and allow yourself...

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Finding our way home with the I AM Project

Uncategorized Jul 16, 2019

 I have had a nagging question that I have had running through my mind these past weeks around culture and how do we define it? My first impulse is to think of places where there has been a long history of “being” that is consistent with that region, as in “Indian Culture, Jamaican Culture, Portuguese Culture”. This could include traditional ways of preparing food, the type of food consistent with that region, the religious practices, and daily cultural or traditional rituals.

Many of these practices evolved over thousands of years and were again, consistent with a geographical region and the people that inhabited that space. We understand that from a scientific point of view that this process of consistent environmental influence over time is a powerful driver on how our biology evolves, our immunity, our tolerance for certain types of environments, right down to the type of spiritual practices we adopted as we strove to make sense of our place in...

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The fear of failure


It was so interesting this morning as I woke up in a panic, the worry about money, about success and failure raced through my mind. I tried to go back to sleep but my mind was too committed to this negative track.

Frustrated and feeling a bit anxious I got out of bed to make a coffee, brushed the cat aside and stormed around for a few moments. After sitting down and reading for 10 minutes, a chapter on goal setting and taking action, I got up and decided to get to work.

The fear of failure is a big one for me as I had struggled to make the break into a new financial arena with my business ventures but just could not seem to ever make the leap to the next level of business success.

But at the end of the day, I am so far ahead of where I was years ago, and I have lots of opportunities ahead of me, if I just stay focused on purposeful actions, and remember who I AM. I am the kid who got off the street, I am the kid who self-educated, I am the kid who has beautiful children, I am...

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Not Feeling Like Myself Today

personal development Jul 09, 2019
How you ever wondered where the phrases such as "that is so unlike her" or "this is totally out of character for her" or even "I am not myself today" come from?
These are very precise and accurate statements pointing to the occurrence of when we are drifting into a past way of feeling or being. When something in the outer world happens we instantaneously match it to a previous experience to give us the meaning (feeling representation) of what we are currently experiencing.
This is wonderful when we are getting ready to eat our favorite food and the familiar wonderful feelings from past experiences flood the body around similar experiences (your grandmother's amazing cookies for example) making your mouth water and you smile at the fond memory.
Where this becomes a problem for many of us is when we find ourselves in circumstances where what our brain is comparing is the more challenging parts of our history with what is currently going on. Perhaps...
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Personal Alchemy

personal development Jul 05, 2019

Isn’t it ironic that we have more solutions for depression, more books on financial planning, more leaders in the positive thinking movement, and more health solutions than ever before and yet, despite all that, our problems not only persist, they are expanding! I have spent half a lifetime trying to figure out the secret to happiness, looked to uncover the hidden solution that would transform my life into all I ever could have imagined it to be, but still seemed to come up short. I had health in many respects, but my quest for what I thought was healthy (image) only served to burn me out. I read endless books on personal development, psychology, and philosophy and had answers for the world, but none that seemed to unlock the key that would enrich my life the way I had hoped. I sought my happiness in the eyes of others and had not taken the time to ask of myself what happiness meant to me. So now standing at the precipice of my life I realize that I have been given a gift, and...

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