The Power of Our Memories

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2018

Every experience we have ever had, every emotion we have ever felt, good or bad, is housed in our body, soul, and mind. The power of these events still linger on inside of our lives and impact our current thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

Think about the power of a Pulsar, which is a dense star created millions of years ago, and it still emits electromagnetic waves that get flung into our universe affecting everything in its path. If it ever hit earth it would remove all life as we know it.

Imagine if our previous thoughts, experiences, and feelings were like a Pulsar, created long ago in our history, but has collapsed into a simple but very powerful form of energy, which gets emitted like the energy thrown from a Pulsar. How much damage can these historic emotional fields of energy generate, how much damage can and do they create, and the bigger question, how much longer can we sustain the capacity to take these hits from long ago?

The main reason I created the I AM Project was from witnessing in my own life, the lives of thousands of people I have worked with from all walks of life, the devastation caused to our current reality by the powerful negative energy from our history. However, there is a way to not only heal these historic wounds but more powerfully, we can do it without having to relive, forgive or openly verbalize any of our past.

To ignore the power of our historic wounds would be careless, as there is so much to live and love for in our current reality, and perhaps it is time to leave the sorrowful past behind.


C. David Gilks Your Fellow Traveler

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