The fear of failure


It was so interesting this morning as I woke up in a panic, the worry about money, about success and failure raced through my mind. I tried to go back to sleep but my mind was too committed to this negative track.

Frustrated and feeling a bit anxious I got out of bed to make a coffee, brushed the cat aside and stormed around for a few moments. After sitting down and reading for 10 minutes, a chapter on goal setting and taking action, I got up and decided to get to work.

The fear of failure is a big one for me as I had struggled to make the break into a new financial arena with my business ventures but just could not seem to ever make the leap to the next level of business success.

But at the end of the day, I am so far ahead of where I was years ago, and I have lots of opportunities ahead of me, if I just stay focused on purposeful actions, and remember who I AM. I am the kid who got off the street, I am the kid who self-educated, I am the kid who has beautiful children, I am the kid whose friends are Ph.D.'s and influencers in the world.

I AM my own I AM project, and it is the gift of remembering our value is why I created this program, for, without the ability to remember our worth, we will never live the life we deserve.

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