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Uncategorized Jul 03, 2018

I haven’t written much in a while, perhaps because I’ve been focused on getting back into reading and doing more Vlog’s than blogs, but that is something I wish to change. When I write, I feel more like a painter, and with a pallet of letters and words I can create far more expressively than the spoken word. I know that people today are so busy now that they won’t read a long article, that the average attention span of most people today prevents them engaging with anything too wordy (is that meaning books as well??) But do I want to encourage more “shallow thinking” or do I wish to encourage deeper introspection? With so much “fast food information” available, I think that many of us are losing the ability to think deeply, have a lateral imagination, and with not exercising the brain, our brain health even suffers.

The reason for digging into heavier topics is the same reason I work out, to challenge the muscles of my body, including and especially my brain muscle. When I dig into topics that are seemingly unrelated to anything I have currently underway, as in my Factor 3 program and the I AM Project, it is not for a welcome distraction, but rather to continually mine for new ideas from seemingly unrelated topics, such as quantum physics, which has been a new study of mine for a bit. The step into the world on a “plank scale” which refers to the microcosm, is where all the magic happens. The concept of that at the quantum level, which is the stuff the universe is made from, does not exist as a definitive point in space, but it exists only as a possibility of something in space. It functions as two separate states, the wave form is the possibility, meaning it has not fixed position (superposition) when we are not observing it, and it becomes a particle when observed, or becomes our reality.

Just think about it, a sound wave is nothing until we draw into our eardrum and we interpret it, though the mechanisms in the ear and in the brain. Smells are nothing until drawn in from the air around us and we give them life, as does touch, taste, and sight. We are reality making machines!!! The things in the world exist as possibilities for us only, and when we draw them into our being, we then begin to create “our version” of reality. So how to do we create new possibilities? By providing the brain with novel information and experiences, by challenging the borders and limits of our current assumptions of “what is”, and allow new information to find its way into our minds so that possibilities never imagined will begin to form. This process will expand your “perceptual filters” and open a whole new world to you. Step outside of your mental comfort zone, dig deeper into the things that lay outside your current version of reality and become the consummate student who lives each day as if it was a miracle waiting to discovered. Your new reality awaits!

C. David Gilks Your Fellow Traveler

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