The Only Choice is “Love”

Uncategorized Aug 13, 2018

After three thirteen hours’ days and then a ninety-minute drive home to my family, I had to share this before I went to bed as the sentiment was so profound, though I think it has been expressed in many ways before, it bears sharing nevertheless. We spend a life time loving what we love, hating what we hate, and in the very action create division and polarity in our lives where our mind, our hearts, our world, and our intimate relationships must take sides. What was so eloquently shared today was simply this "we can love what we are, and love what we are not, and we can love others for who they are and who they are not, because we have no right to try and change others and we cannot truly change ourselves, and the reality of it all is that we cannot if even we tried. What we look to accomplish is to 'transform' relationships, transform our lives, the lives of our children, the lives of our spouses, the lives of the world around us. When we transform others we are helping them realize the unlimited power, beauty and grace that is inherently our birthright, and in doing so create a life without our personal agenda attached, and in that moment we are transformed. What part of your life will you "transform" today??

C. David Gilks Your Fellow Traveler

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