Put the Kids to Bed

Uncategorized Jul 27, 2018

I spent the past 17 years or so working on my own personal development, reading, studying, listening to audio books etc, trying to find a better way to navigate through life. Funny thing is is that life requires less "efforting" and more faith, less "nose to the grind stone" and more focus on important things. I have discovered, though I am sure I have heard it numerous time before, that success and happiness in life is about letting go, rather than holding on. Happiness and success is a birthright, not a limited time offer to a lucky few. It is a choice that you make where you stand right now.

The other epiphany I had only recently is that my ego, our egos, are nothing more than children (our younger selves) fighting for attention. I should of guessed it before, but like so many of us, I spent time fighting with my ego (internal dialogue aka-head trash) I never took the time to figure out who I was fighting with and for what. Again, I should have realized this long ago, but I had to wait until the fog cleared to see it fully. If you find aspects of your life are spiraling, it is because a child is holding the reins in that part of your life. Would you let your 10 year old drive the car, so why would you let them run your life? A big part of the I AM Project is going back and collapsing old parts of our personality and allowing the immature aspects to "grow up" as it were. We made it this far didn't we, so maybe its time we put the children to bed and get on with living.

C. David Gilks Your Fellow Traveler

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