Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired

Uncategorized Aug 10, 2018

I read a quote a friend of mine had on their profile and it was one from Robert Frost, which goes “ Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired”. I thought about it for a while, trying to determine what it meant to me. I have the habit, you may have guessed by now, not to take things at face value but rather have to chew them for while until I can link it to a bigger picture. When I read this quote I first thought of the cost and the risk of wanting to be desired as Robert Frost had stated, truly, was the risk of rejection too great to want to be “irresistibly desired?

Brene Brown, one of my favorite authors, speaks about those men and woman who live a life “wholeheartedly” and though they experience rejection, pain and shame, they still open their heart to the possibility of love and laughter, which enviably shows up in their life in abundance. Do these men and women experience what Robert Frost had spoken about, being irresistibly desired? What does it mean to be irresistibly desired? At first you may have thought of a strong physical attraction, seeing someone so strikingly beautiful that they took your breath away.

But I think there is a much deeper meaning to his words, and the strong connection to another, which comes from deep within the heart and soul of another. You may not understand it, you may not even be able to see it, but on the deepest level, the level where it matters most, you can feel it. It is often what is not said, what is not immediately apparent is what matters most. It is like as they say, it is the spaces between the notes is where the music lays, it is the pauses between our breath is where stillness lays, and in the deepest aspect of our soul, perhaps yet unspoken, is the real you that yearns to be irresistibly desired.

The outward presentation of who we are, is well, for the most part, our facade and speaks little to who we truly are, and it often belies the truth of it all.

C. David Gilks Your Fellow Traveler

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