Uncategorized Aug 17, 2018

How long has it been since I have lost my way
An eternity it seems, stumbling my way in the dark
No sense of self or purpose, no sense of self

Is this what death feels like when you’re still alive?
Cut off from all that is warm and inviting
Only a shade of a human being, not really existing at all

How long can I survive here I ask myself
And I fear far longer than I can bear to imagine
How cruel must god be to allow this to continue

But I remain on the path, getting up every time I fall
Scrape knees, bloodied hands and a dirt stained brow
Being pulled by some unseen force, beckoning me forward
The unspoken promise of better days

To my surprise the light peaks over the horizon
How quiet the tempest in my soul has become
Now that the light of day has shone in

I see her now in the distance, a balm to my soul
How beautifully sweet the flowers now smell
Now that the dark veil has been lifted

Oh how warm and inviting is her soul
How bright is the light her presence brings
Now that I have made space to let her in

How distance those memories are now
The dirt has been washed off my brow
My hands have healed, no wounds to be found on my knees

I stand in the presence of love and grace
I bask in the glory of he who created me
I give honor for my life and for the love that has found me
I shed tears of gratitude for I have found my way home

I am no longer alone

C. David Gilks Your Fellow Traveler

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