Just Another Brick in the Wall

Uncategorized Aug 07, 2018

I spent the evening contemplating on the various things, but mainly I tried to understand the mind of man. It has been said that I make things too complicated, and yes, it is true, I do see much complexity in the world, and to be honest, shit’s complicated, but my life long goal since my journey began was to try and simplify the complex. For many years, I have read the words of many brilliant people, found solace in their messages, only to find so much criticism from other brilliant people, pointing out the flaws in the other. One author I admire, again, who drew much criticism, was Dr. David Hawkins. In his book, Power verses Force, he stated eloquently that “mankind’s problems have been and will always continue to be is that he believes his own mental artifacts to be reality and the answer he seeks from the questions he asks are biased on the view point of the questioner”.
Simply said, we believe what we think to our peril and most of what we are looking for is premeditated, meaning we are not generally looking for the truth, we are looking for validation of our point of view. For the past twenty-five years, I have sought answers on various topics, mainly to do with human physiology and human psychology, and I think I have come up with  many power realizations (or at least my mind tells me so) and the most constant is the need of humanity to be right. Our need to be right is born perhaps out of fear, fear of not being enough, fear of being perceived as a failure, fear of being isolated and alone. I often question my path and wonder what have my efforts truly availed, for the world continues to spin madly out of control with no sign of stopping its mad trajectory. I bear no illusion that I will single handed change the world, but the resistance to change or self-betterment seems to be stronger than ever before, and the need to justify our lack of personal accountability in a world gone made seems stronger than ever. Is it that hard to do the right thing? Is it that hard to make the right choices?
Are we so far gone that we spend most of our energy either justifying our actions rather than stepping up and making the necessary changes to our life? Every time we fight against our own personal evolution we put another brick firmly in the wall, the wall that separates us from happiness, the wall that separates us from our true self. All the bricks in the wall are created every time we are hurt, every time we do not stand up for what is right and turn a blind eye, and every time we lash out at others as we try and justify our point of view. Perhaps the final leg of our journey will be to remove the bricks one by one, as we forgive old hurts, as we develop tolerance for others point of view and as we invest time accepting ourselves as whole and complete simply as we are.  How big is your wall?

C. David Gilks Your Fellow Traveler

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