Everything We Need is Inside of Us

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2018

One of my long-standing endeavors in life is to figure “shit out” or perhaps more succinctly, try to make sense of the sea of information that we currently find ourselves awash in. For over 25 years I have pulled apart and dug into information on herbalism, applied kinesiology, philosophy, physics, physiology, neurology ect... if has an “ology” on the end of it, I looked into it. The reason I guess for the endless search was a byproduct of finding limitations in everything I read, in that there was not “one thing” that solved everything. But what was interesting was if you were of the right mindset, meaning that you knew what you were looking for, and had an idea of direction you wanted to move in, what you were looking for would eventually make itself known, or not. It seems that it all depends on your point of view and the questions we are asking from that space.  
One author who I have enjoyed reading, Dr. David Hawkins, suggested that “we have not yet asked the right questions because we have not had an adequate gauge of our questions’ relevance or accuracy.” This leads to an interesting point that I have been thinking about which is “how do we gauge the relevance or accuracy of our questions”? The problem with the questions we ask of life is not so much the questions themselves but from what part of our subconscious mind did the question come from? Within the subconscious mind cannot we agree there exist the parts of us left over from our unfortunate past with all our misgivings and fears, and is it not possible when a question is posed as to “what should I do” that we may inadvertently reach down and allow the communication to come from the “unfortunate mind”? When we pose a question, we are not looking for any answer, we are looking for the answer we expect that is consistent with our unconscious paradigm of life.
Which leads to another quote by Dr. Hawkins in that “The inadequacy of the answers we receive is a direct consequence of the limitations implicit in the viewpoints of the questioner. Slight errors in the formation of questions result in gross errors in the answers that follow.” This makes perfect sense as it corresponds with Einstein’s mention that “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” So, where is all this leading us? Very simply, we need to start building our questions, our thoughts, our life on a solid series of ideas and beliefs which is a conscious endeavor. These solid ideas and beliefs come from the “grateful mind” which houses all the acts of kindness, successes, precious moments, or acts of tenderness that we displayed to outwardly or was shown toward us. Taking the time to recount as many of these experiences as possible, meditating on them, feeling them in our bodies, allowing the reality of our self-worth, of our innate intelligence, and our strength to flow through every one of our 80 billion cells so we become awash in our own amazingness! Now from this place let’s begin to pose our questions of life and see if the answers we are receiving are different that the ones we may have gotten from our “unfortunate mind”. This is in line with every religious or spiritual teaching that has come before us, I think perhaps it got lost in the convoluted world of personal development and all its “7 steps to the best you” or “the 3 things you need to know to be happy now”. I think there is much wisdom in the saying “everything I need is inside of me now”.
C. David Gilks Your Fellow Traveler

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