Uncategorized Jul 17, 2018

I spent the first half of my life not knowing that life could be different, then spend the next portion living in fear and mistrust afraid that the worst part of me would be dragged out into the light for all to see. Even when trying to leave the ghost behind, they would show up from time to time reminding me of my unworthiness to have a better life, to be happy. Even those closest to me would remind me of my poor beginnings and the path I traveled suggesting that I had a permanent flaw that could not be undone. It wasn’t until I started to study great works from Dr. Dyer, Robert Holden and other great writers, that I discovered three important things..
1) That which others incriminate you for speaks more about their need to judge and incriminate than your supposed sin. When the actions of others bother you, it is a sign to look inside and see where your growth is lacking.
2) Life is about contrast. What I mean is simply this, we need to have a series of experiences that we can learn from to build a stronger future. Without the experience of what is not working, we can never find our truths.
3) I have a choice in how it all turns out in the end. The past is history and cannot be undone. The future is yet to be determined, but now is where the power is, for in the now there is nothing more than a blank slate of untold potential, and I get to choose!
This is a daily task for me in all honesty. I get sidelined from time to time but get back up again, seek out those stronger than me in areas that I am weak and learn what it is they do, for success leaves clues. We are heading into a new season, an opportunity to do great things, an opportunity to make this year-end much different than perhaps the past ones. In each and every moment of each and every day we have a choice, a choice to be present, a choice to do it differently that we had in the past. So time to get out your vision boards, your journals and start the process of building your ideal future, one moment at a time.
C. David Gilks Your Traveler

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