Who will go first?

Uncategorized Aug 07, 2018

Gandhi’s famous quote “be the change you wish to see in the world” was a wonderful example of someone deciding to “go first” and becoming a change agent. His act of courage and vision forever changed an entire nation and brought to end the colonial rule in India, simply by deciding to “go first”. Gandhi did not ask around to see if it was a good idea, waiting for group acceptance of his idea to free a nation, he saw an injustice and he knew that he could make small measurable changes in the world he found himself in, so he simply went first. There were many who shared his ideals, but there were not prompted into action until Gandhi began his long journey to set his people free. What would have happened if Gandhi had not been so compelled to act as he did? The annuals of history would have looked very different indeed! The reason for this post is that I have seen in the past little while when I choose to be vulnerable, when I disclose publically that I have the same struggles as all of you, I started to get feedback from others who took the time to read my post. They were stating that they too felt the same way, but perhaps lacked the words in which to express themselves, and the words I wrote provided them with a frame work in which to better understand their plight. So perhaps that is my journey and my gift to you, the years of reading and research that have given me a palette of words to choose from that allow me to express myself perhaps similar to a painter with a brush, using broad strokes to allow the emotions, ideas and personal discoveries that reside deep inside to come out in full expression on the canvas as it were. I didn’t start write with the intention of “going first” as if it were some noble act of contribution to the world, I was merely trying to clear out the myriad of ideas, concepts and mental constructs that often crowded my mind, keeping me from finding “my truth”. The more I wrote and the more I read can the need to express these findings and ideas in some fashion, whether in general conversation with a friend, or with a client, but more and more I find myself with the need to sit down and write my thoughts down to gain better clarity of what I am presently musing about. I love writing about the human body and everything that it is connected to. What an amazing gift we have in this trillion celled organism, and I write hoping perhaps that I can help others gain an better appreciate at this thing we call the human body, a gift we often take for granted far too often. I write about psychology and mindset, as for myself I find this to be the most challenging landscape of all, and this is where many battles are won and lost, where life can be daring adventure or a personal hell on earth. The inner world of the mind is created by words, images, and feelings and is the fertile ground on which the outer world of our life is made to bloom, for better or worse. So I write with the personal understanding on how challenging this can be, as I spent the better part of my life fighting my own mind, fighting my own family history, longing for a day when there will be an easy peace in the inner world of my mind. I have had successes, I have much in my life that I am grateful for, but my life is by no means perfect, and I do not wish to portray it as such. Just as we develop greater muscular strength by forcing the body to accept new physical challenges, I am developing greater conviction, clarity and purpose, a personal inner strength when I choose to accept the challenges life so often sends my way. So I will go first. I am not perfect, I have days where I do not wish to get out of bed, but I rise to the challenge each and every day, embracing all the good that is my life. I hope that by expressing myself in the fashion it will not only provide better clarity for me, and perhaps it may offer some insights that you may find useful or timely. What I write is not the truth, for now it is just my version of my truth, so take what you need and leave the rest behind.

C. David Gilks Your Fellow Traveler

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