Keep the Main thing the Main thing

Uncategorized Jul 04, 2018

I had the honor to speak to a group of like-minded people last night in Sylvan Lake about the power of self-awareness and this is some of what I shared. In my studies these past 20 years I have discovered a few simple truths as I have come to understand them regarding self awareness. The first truth I have come to understand is that you cannot believe everything you think. The random impulses of ideas, concepts and judgements need to be screened as they enter our minds before we give them credence. Quiet often echoes from the past jump into the forefront of our mind and demand our attention and we are often mislead by their message of lack, fear or shame. The second truth I have come to understand is that there is a universal law that states everything must change, going from being organized and in flow to being pushed into a more chaotic state as a way to force growth to a high level of consciousness. This process happens over and over throughout our lives and is a law, not a choice. The third truth I have come to understand is that unless you take time to declare your values, define your character and set your moral compass you will often find yourself on a path that will not serve you, that does not serve others and ultimately will not serve the greater good. These are my musing, only my observations and my truths, hopefully they will connect with you and allow for some deeper introspection.

I love the message which I first heard from Michael S. Clouse a few years ago. It speaks to the hyper distraction that is so prevalent in todays 24/7 world. Success can only be truly achieved if you have a goal, a powerful reason why that goal is a "must" have, and have developed "monomaniacal focus" until that goal is met. Many of us are good at getting off the finish line but are challenged to stay focused and often distracted by the "latest thing" or opportunity. This has been the biggest lesson I have to learn over the course of my life and it has been the most valuable understanding and skill I have ever developed. So whatever your goal is, no matter what it is you are after in life, Keep the main thing the main thing!

C. David Gilks Your Fellow Traveler

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