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Magic & Miracles Retreat 2022

Are you ready to discover the magic that exists inside of you!

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Your journey begins at Sundance Ranch in beautiful Ashcroft, British Columbia, Canada. Oct 16 - 21, 2022

How amazing would it be...


* To finally have the tools that you were missing so you can start creating a life you are excited to wake up to each day.

* If all of a sudden life  just began working because now you know the steps in making that happen! 

*If you no longer had to wonder if you were doing all the right things to give you the life you desire and deserve!


You are someone who knows deep in their soul that you have so much more to offer the world but…


*You keep getting the same results despite all of the courses you've taken,  seminars you have attended, or books you have read... and you may be wondering what you are doing wrong.

* You are so busy being busy that you  feel hollow at the end of the day, wondering if joy has eluded you forever, leaving you unsure about what truly fulfills you anymore.

Imagine working hand in hand with your guide...


* As they walk you through the "RTM" or "rapid transformation method" a revolutionary process that takes the often frustrating effort of personal development and turns it into something magical, accessible to everyone. 

* Magic isn’t just in fairytales…we are all born with extraordinary gifts and simply need the right environment and right guidance to awaken our own “personal magic”.


                         This is where the next chapter of your life begins

Magic Begins Here

Why Sundance Ranch ...

There is something powerful and grounding about being away from the lights and noise of the city. The smell of crisp clean air greets you as you make your way to breakfast each morning, the only sound you hear is your footfalls on the wooden boardwalk and that of the birds who take advantage of the large empty blue sky.

Each day giving you space to explore the secrets to creating miracles in your life with only the background noise of crickets and the crackle of the fire in the fireplace.

There is a rustic warmth here at the ranch that reminds us of how little we need to be truly content, and in this space, we are transported to a time when we were all in touch with the deeper parts of our soul.

It's about the journey...

Walking out each morning to your horse, you mount up and hit the trails across the thousand acres of sagebrush and forest, where a deep and powerful connection back to nature can be had. 

This is the place where nature calls to everyone to go deep inside and embrace their true nature. After a morning of navigating old trails, catching sight of coyotes on the ridge, and hawks riding the airstream high above, you stop on the plateau and look around, knowing that this will be the time and the place where real magic will happen in your life. 

It feels like coming home...

This is the place that will give you the space to re-imagine your life the way it could be, the way it should be. This is the place where you remember why you were born, the role you were destined to live, the amazing story you were put here to tell with your life. 

Every part of this amazing place provides the perfect setting for our journey together. The rustic saloon where we will meet each evening to end our day, steeped in deep conversation about important matters. Though the ranch does not provide alcohol in the saloon, we are permitted to bring and store our own beverage of choice to enjoy during our stay.

At breakfast, help yourself to the buffet or order the daily special from the grill (specials range from strawberry-topped french toast to eggs benedict). After that, set menus will include anything from classic charcoal-grilled steaks and burgers to sophisticated international cuisine. Comfort food, kicked up a notch, is what we aim for. Vegetarians and those with special dietary requirements will also be well looked after by our talented chef! 

Magic & Miracles Itinerary

What's included


  • 6 days of deep soulful exploration and introduction to the practical magic of the I AM Project's exciting new "Rapid Transformation System".  Based on the original work of the I AM Project Method, this new addition makes transformation even quicker! 

  • Hospitality-filled accommodations at the ranch, double occupancy for 5 nights. (single occupancy available on request)

  •  Banquet-styled hot and delicious meals are served at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  

  •  Guided horseback adventures, twice daily,  across the beautiful sagebrush dotted fields and rugged hillsides.

  •  Daily downtime just to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery as you allow your soul to be refreshed with the raw beauty of the natural surroundings.  

What's not included

  • Your round-trip airfare or transportation to the ranch.

  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

  • Alcoholic beverages (you can BYOB)  



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The Bonuses

To add some amazing extra's:

  • A pre-retreat call – 45 minutes of 1:1 time with David so he can get a deeper understanding of what you hope to get out of the retreat.

  • Access to a Private Retreat Facebook Group – Here you will receive updates to schedules and important information you will need access to about the retreat.

  • Pre-Trip Group Zoom Call – you’ll have the chance to meet everyone in the group and to ask last-minute questions.

  • Post-Trip Group Zoom Calls – There will be two 45 minute calls post -retreat that will help solidify the new knowledge and skills learned, and to help you integrate them into your life at home. 

  • The Entire I AM Project Library - a $750 value, complete with the 8 in-depth video lessons, the I AM Intuition Board, and manual, which provides step-by-step instructions on how to remove any mental or emotional obstacles quickly and permanently.   

  • Mastermind - we will be offering a 6 month mastermind for those wishing to dive deeper into the skills around creating more "magic & miracles" in their life!

  • For those who have already completed the original I AM Project training, you will receive free access to six months of our mastermind post-retreat. 


We all possess magic! 

In every culture around the world there has always been the awareness that there was a powerful magic in the world around us just waiting for us tap  into it.

 Our ancestors intuitively knew that by harnessing the power of our thoughts and emotions through various rituals we could make the seemingly impossible happen! 

Each day we will be exploring the power of these ancient rituals and how they can be used to create "practical magic" in our day to day lives. 


About Your Host

David Gilks has coached thousands of men and women throughout his 30-year career, which has taken him from his work in his early day's training in integrated health at his family clinic and then into the world the neuroscience of magic, movement, and mental health. 

This journey began in the early '90s as David returned from traveling the world, lost, angry, and frustrated. He landed on his father's doorstep at the age of 28, with no education, poor health, broke, and no idea of what his role was to be in the world, and was now ready for all the important lessons wait for him.

 After leaving his practice as the Medical Exercise Program Director, David began to explore the incredible power and neuroscience  behind the ancient practices of Qi Gong, Tantra, and meditation. It is from these studies that the I AM Project was born.

David currently works as an addiction and trauma counselor/and executive coach to private clients around the world.