C. David Gilks was born in Newcastle, Canada in 1965 in a rural setting. His early experience in life was like so many, littered with numerous challenges, disappointments and dark moments, that would ultimately refine and shaped his character, preparing him for the work he was to do later in life.

At the age of 28, David found himself working in the south of Portugal, living unconsciously day to day, when he was hit by a terrifying realization that “if his presence did not make a difference, his absence would not be noticed.” After many years of hiding from life, David returned to Canada, and began to rewrite the story of his life.

David began his journey in natural health care, completing a three-year internship with accreditation as a chartered herbalist and a bio-kinesologist, along with a host of other natural healthcare modalities. From there, David ventured into the fitness industry, studying numerous aspects of health and wellness, to then become an internationally recognized fitness and health authority and wellness columnist. He went on to be mentored by Dr. Michael Jones, former professor at Berkley, in the world of rehabilitation, where David soon become one of the rising stars, successfully running his own private Medical Fitness centre for over sixteen years in Nanaimo, British Columbia. In his late 40’s David went on to compete as a natural bodybuilder, representing Canada in the IFBB Nationals in Quebec, and currently has received eleven trophies in first, second and third place finishes, all after the age of 47.

As a professional trainer and educator for the past 22 years, David soon realized that if you could not encourage and assist clients in changing their mind, they would not likely change their behavior and see the success they were hoping for. An interesting connection was being made along the way between how injuries to the mind and injuries to the body were similar in how the mind dealt with them and the lengths it would go to in avoid re-injuring itself. It was also observed that the many of the injuries suffered from exercise were due to lack of balance; doing the right exercises in the right amount, but the wrong way due to faulty patterns in the brain (neural maps). In 2007, a small university study was performed on his ground breaking concept “cog-kinetics”, proving that a brain to body, or a think~feel~do approach to exercise, was the only way to accurately create “new” and powerful patterns, that would ultimately give clients the result they were looking for.  Combining this discovery with the knowledge he has accrued, he reached a new plateau in the understanding the mind / body connection. 

What David discovered was how the lack of being “core strong”, both physical and mental, adversely affects our lives, but more importantly that is was something everyone could learn how change easily. As a crossover from thousands of hours of hands on observation and study, the I AM Project was born, as a way of bringing balance to mind and body with a specific formula that yielded tangible results. Now clients from all over the world are finally experiencing “ease” in their search for personal transformation. There is powerful truth to the saying "it's the thought that counts". 


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