If you didn't have to say the words out loud would you still tell the truth? 

Over the past two decades of working with clients I begin to realize that most people have real difficulty expressing what it was they truly wanted from life and were at times unaware of how much of their past experiences were hampering their efforts to grow as a person. When they decide it is time to ask for help, many find it difficult to fully express the thoughts that lay behind the veil of fear, shame and loss.

What if I told you that there was a way to communicate with a client without them actually telling you anything about their past? What if we could help them reach the deepest parts of themselves in the privacy of their own mind?

I develop the I AM Project intuition board as way of allowing clients to go deep into their emotional blockages in a safe, anchored, third person perspective, to heal old wounds of the past without having to relive them or have to to verbally express them. As someone who has walked a long road that is all too common, I needed to find a way to sort out my history but was unable to talk about it fully. After years of trying to find the key to banishing the past to the history books, the I AM Project was born.

The I AM Project System provides powerful guidance in a safe environment for both client and counselor, allowing for deep exploration of what holds us back and power anchoring tools to grant us a life that is truly harmonious. For more information of the I AM Project and its use for therapist, life coaches and counselors, please send an email via the contact page.

To learn more about the "SAM Method" and David click on this link for his training in Las Vegas at the AMT Master Trainers event.

Here is what some of the participants are saying about our last program:  

"I am feeling so grateful for giving myself the gift of the I AM project retreat this weekend with David Gilks. When I think of the past days, I keep coming up with the word poignant: affecting or moving the emotions, because that describes wonderfully well what happened!   This past weekend brought many opportunities to reflect on my current state of satisfaction in 7 key areas of life: spirituality, wellness, career, family, finances, romance and charity/contribution, and provide tools to take home to continue to grow and bring all of these into closer alignment.

All while gaining such clarity in what steps I need to take next to enjoy life even more. I can say beyond a doubt that I have a simple method to return to when feeling stuck in a past association to kick start my energy and get myself moving forward again onto the life I want to live – with little fanfare…in a shorter period of time and with more ease. It’s amazing how little time and effort it took to shift my contentedness gauge up in every area!   Thank you David for sharing your vision, staying with and growing it, and sharing all you are and have come to know (thus far)! I’m looking forward to writing a new chapter in my life story and ramping up my happiness vibration. Being on this journey with you is priceless."

S Wende

"I am filled with much appreciation and gratitude for my dear friend David Gilks for inviting me to participate in this weekends' "I AM..." seminar. 

For those of you who know me you know that I'm somewhat of a book, CD, seminar, self help improvement junkie who is always looking for the next best thing to improve myself as well as to help others around me. I must say without a doubt, this weekend put "ALL" my books, tapes, cd's, MP3, seminars and trainings into perspective and provided me with the tools and a map to follow that enables me to find lasting fulfilment in the areas of spirituality, wellness, finances, romance, family, contribution, and career. Wowza!

For the first time in my life I can finally stop running and no longer need to pursue the answers "out there"!! David's "I Am..." weekend event was so powerful, insightful, and highly emotional with many "Ah Hah" moments that I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone looking to find breakthroughs in any of these areas."

Thank you, thank you, thank you! David, You Rock!

P. Van Ryssel

"You know I've had vision boards and wondered why isn't this working!! Working with David this weekend at the I AM retreat is incredible! Reprogramming my brain so I have the right plan to work from! Life changing!   Thank you David"

S Ulveteg Jein

"I returned home from David Gilks I am weekend retreat this weekend and all I can say is "wow!". Lives were transformed right before my eyes. Words can't even express how I feel. This is transformational. Much love. Xo"

C Barr


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