Do you have "personal development fatigue"? How many books do you have, courses taken, and yet you seem to be not as far ahead as you had hoped you would be?

The I AM Project is a NLP based life integration system that allows you to step back and explore your whole life in 360-degree point of view. Using our patented “intuition board” you will learn how to develop a congruent philosophy and mindset that will be the foundational premise of all your decisions in every part of your life. The things that often trip us up have little or nothing to do with who we are today, they are often connected to our past experiences, and in this powerful one day training you will develop the skill to remap your history so that the past no longer controls your present! This technology is currently being used by counsellors in Canada and the US to help their clients make powerful strides in their life, and now its available to you!!

** Clinical application classes being offered soon on Vancouver Island**

Clinical Observations with the I AM Project Systems

David Gilks has tapped into ground-breaking therapeutic intervention with the “I Am...” Project. In my 25 years as a psychotherapist and coach, mostly working with persons struggling with addiction issues, I have learned long ago that before people can effectively resolve the impact of their past experiences, they must somehow attach to their realistic and current core strengths.  David has developed an approach that not only centers people in that resilient space, but also provides a safe private mental opportunity for clients to strategically sort through obstacles to their creating their optimal existence.

I brought David in via Zoom meeting to work with a small group of young adult male clients of mine using the “I am...” Project. The impact was visible as David walked the men through the exercises and they realized where the cognitive dissonance stemmed from and how to reduce it. One client who was experiencing significant stress that day was able to use David’s guidance to reduce the intensity of the stressor without any need to disclose verbally.  Two days later, that client reported back how useful that technique was for him over the past couple of days.

David Gilks has created a dynamic and important tool to allow people to find their personal power before tackling their “demons”. I can see how effective his designed approach could be well-utilized in treatment settings from outpatient therapy to residential treatment levels of care.

Ava Diamond, LCSW
Clinician, Success Coach. Author, Speaker

Case Study #1

Client is a 50 something year old separated female who lives in a semi rural community on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Client has been in treatment with an out patient community mental health center for approximately 3 years. Client has a diagnosis of PTSD, Depression, marital conflict. The end of 2016 client felt safe to disclose the presence of 5 other personality parts that are well developed. Client felt safe, as well as the other parts to make themselves known to the therapist in an attempt to further heal client from the chronic complex sexual abuse experienced as a child beginning around he age 3. The first part that emerged was a 20 year old male who came to be as clients protector at around the age of 4 yeas old. At times different parts have emerged and taken over, the client has dissociated from being present and unaware of the actions of the other parts behaviors. This has cause significant problems in her life.
The I Am Board technology was brought into session to assist client in further identifying and normalizing those identity parts which are present. The client was tasked with using the tokens to create a visual image of each part on one side, and writing down the positive character traits of each part on the other side. Client has been able to use the tokens and the board to show visually how the parts interact, often take over depending on the activating event or situation.  This case is shared, meaning there are 2 therapist, myself and a male therapist. Case sharing is common at this agency as some clients have many needs. The tokens and the I AM board have been helpful in sharing her experiences with both therapists.

Since using the I Am Board, client reports she and her parts have been able to work together more collaboratively during stressful activating events; especially the protector part which is aggressive but whose job it is to protect and stand up for the core personality part. Client reports that since using the board, she is now able to recall events when she is not in control; when the protector part is in control as well as the ability to switch back in control at critical moments during the crisis or event. Client continue to reports that she is more aware and in collaboration with her parts; client has stated that if she can handle the protector part, work in collaboration with that part, she can definitely handle the other 4 parts.

Case Study # 2

This is a 40 something year old male who receives services at the same clinic. The I Am Board has been used two times to help client identify how he is showing up each day for his life. Client has been in therapy with this therapist for approximately a year and a half and has made progress in managing his anger, and connecting with himself. He continues to struggle with harmony in his life. Since beginning to use the I Am Board, client has stopped drinking which has been a real struggle for him. Further, client has been able to identify those area's in his life which he would like to reconnect with. The visual representation of where his is and where his recovery was, has been helpful in assisting this client in identifying where he needs to focus to create harmony in is life.

Lisa Bartlett Kliever
LCSW-C, Psychotherapist

                  Personal Transformation with the I AM Project

"I am feeling so grateful for giving myself the gift of the I AM project retreat this weekend with David Gilks. When I think of the past days, I keep coming up with the word poignant: affecting or moving the emotions, because that describes wonderfully well what happened!   This past weekend brought many opportunities to reflect on my current state of satisfaction in 7 key areas of life: spirituality, wellness, career, family, finances, romance and charity/contribution, and provide tools to take home to continue to grow and bring all of these into closer alignment.

All while gaining such clarity in what steps I need to take next to enjoy life even more. I can say beyond a doubt that I have a simple method to return to when feeling stuck in a past association to kick start my energy and get myself moving forward again onto the life I want to live – with little fanfare…in a shorter period of time and with more ease. It’s amazing how little time and effort it took to shift my contentedness gauge up in every area!   Thank you David for sharing your vision, staying with and growing it, and sharing all you are and have come to know (thus far)! I’m looking forward to writing a new chapter in my life story and ramping up my happiness vibration. Being on this journey with you is priceless."

S Wende

"I am filled with much appreciation and gratitude for my dear friend David Gilks for inviting me to participate in this weekends' "I AM..." seminar. 

For those of you who know me you know that I'm somewhat of a book, CD, seminar, self help improvement junkie who is always looking for the next best thing to improve myself as well as to help others around me. I must say without a doubt, this weekend put "ALL" my books, tapes, cd's, MP3, seminars and trainings into perspective and provided me with the tools and a map to follow that enables me to find lasting fulfilment in the areas of spirituality, wellness, finances, romance, family, contribution, and career. Wowza!

For the first time in my life I can finally stop running and no longer need to pursue the answers "out there"!! David's "I Am..." weekend event was so powerful, insightful, and highly emotional with many "Ah Hah" moments that I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone looking to find breakthroughs in any of these areas."

Thank you, thank you, thank you! David, You Rock!

P. Van Ryssel

"You know I've had vision boards and wondered why isn't this working!! Working with David this weekend at the I AM retreat is incredible! Reprogramming my brain so I have the right plan to work from! Life changing! Thank you David"

S Ulveteg Jein

"I returned home from David Gilks I am weekend retreat this weekend and all I can say is "wow!". Lives were transformed right before my eyes. Words can't even express how I feel. This is transformational. Much love. Xo"

C Barr


The I AM Project

"Our new "I AM Project" Online Training is being launched June 15th of this year! If you have questions about how the I AM Project may serve you please use the contact link on this website.

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